Who we are

Innophile NetZide Limited ("INZ") provides comprehensive solutions that empower our customers to deliver enterprise web-based applications, mobile applications and online campaign, consisting of integrated information, interactive functionality, rich-content front-end or scalable workflow management, to effectively meet the clients' objectives in nowadays mobile era.

Specializing in large-scale B2B and B2C e-commerce and social application development since year 2000, we are focused on intelligent and efficient system design, architecture and navigation, in order to make the solution simple but comprehensive. All solutions offered by INZ are capable of being customized to a wide range of operating platforms and implemented in different outputs, such as web site publishing, iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android mobile devices.

Together with our software expertise, INZ also offers engaging multimedia production and secure web hosting capability, which brings compelling strategically designed and highly reliable one-stop solutions to meet current and evolving requirements.

In the years ahead, with INZ as a long-term partner, you can confidently turn further innovative ideas into reality for your customers and internal staff.

Our goals

Love each project

We enjoy working with our clients to create great products together.

Solve your problems

We help your company solve business challenges with professional software design and development.

Build amazing software

We believe software is eating the world. Companies in every industry need to assume that a software revolution is coming.

Our clients

We help our clients to build software.